Workshop for NH Landowners, Gardeners and Landscapers

At RiverRun Bookstore on Monday, May 18 at 7 pm: a free workshop on New Ideas for Preserving Nature: Useful Tips for NH Landowners, Gardeners, and Landscapers

With rural areas fast disappearing in the Northeast, it seems the only way to preserve our identity as a place where people, plants, and animals can share the land is to integrate the landscapes around our homes, communities, and work spaces with the natural world. What does that mean and how do you do it?

And what about landscaping’s far-reaching effects on water quality? No matter where you live in New Hampshire, the actions you take make a difference. Why? Because we all live in a watershed, where water drains into a lake, river, wetland, or coastal estuary. How do we protect that natural resource?

Take some time to “sit at the feet” of experts who will share what they’ve learned—and taught—over many years. Mary Tebo, a community forestry educator, and Lauren Chase-Rowell, a landscape design expert, will present information from two books they’ve co-authored with other experts: Landscaping at the Water’s Edge: An Ecological Approach and Integrated Landscaping: Following Nature’s Lead, both published by the UNH Cooperative Extension.

You will learn

  • How to establish landscapes that look and feel as if they belong
  • To integrate natural principles into beautifu, functional landscapes
  • To create landscapes that sustain themselves with minimum cost, energy, and effort.
  • To think in terms of plant systems, rather than mere collections of individual plants.
  • How to use and apply plant-system models designed for challenging conditions
  • Where to find alternatives to invasive species.
  • How to create landscapes that benefit wildlife, both above and below ground.

RiverRun Bookstore is located at 20 Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth. For more information on the event, visit or call (603) 431-2100. The event is free and open to the public.