Waste Not: A Dinner to Benefit Gather

America is synonymous with abundance. Productive farms grow from coast to coast, grocery store shelves overflow with food from land and sea, and restaurants provide diners with an unlimited selection of tastes from regional to exotic. We are in a renaissance of Farm to Table, yet much of the food that is produced, purchased and served goes uneaten, making its way to landfills, or at best, composting facilities. Simultaneously, 1 in 7 Americans are food insecure, living day to day unsure of when their next meal will arrive.

Gather is a local non-profit that is leading the way in creating a new model of food distribution to those in need. Through thoughtful re-purposing of food, Gather is making a huge difference in changing food waste in our community. Help support their commendable effort by joining us for a benefit dinner.



The dinner is hosted by chef Jenny Nelson at Nibblesworth 409 The Hill in Portsmouth. Eight of the area’s top chefs will be collaborating to present the evening’s fare:

Evan Mallett of Black Trumpet

Rob Martin of Sixteen Fifty Two

Chris Wall of The Wilder

Lee Frank of otis.restaurant

Mark Segal of La Casita

David Vargas of Vida Cantina

Kevin Johnson of Embers Bakery

Brent Hazelbaker of Martingale Wharf

Tickets are $80 for the meal, cash bar. Purchase tickets here.

Find out more about the good work of Gather.