Board Meeting Minutes, 04/11/2010


In Attendance: Amy Pollard,  Alison Magill, Erin Jenkins, Laura Spelke

Meeting called to order at 5:45

Meeting Discussions

April 24 Potluck

Alison discovered that was more to be a potluck for the Strawbery Banke cleanup day volunteers

Not to be a Slow Food pot luck

April event at Strawbery Banke

Keynote to talk about Slow Food Portland

1:45 What is RAFT

1:30 to 4:00 Seed activity for kids with master gardeners in Children’s garden

1:45  in the Garden

2:15 Planting

3:00 Jenny to talk about Community Garden

May 2 Potluck

In light of the absence of an April potluck will have one May 2

Possible venue at UNH

June Potluck Blue Moon


July Farm Picnic date to be confirmed

Lauren Chase-Rowell’s farm is confirmed

Permaculture farm

Biochar demo

Cost will be a % of what receive at door minus expenses

Will get a port-a-potty


Tentative depending of date of picnic

Proposed topic will be wild edibles

Barn Dinner

September 12 or 19 instead of October

November 6 Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Church is confirmed

Additional Topics discussed

  • Need for additional venues in addition to Stoddard Tavern
  • Less Strawbery Banke involvement on board creates more of issue to have someone that can open up etc
  • Create a list and continue to build on it
  • UNH Thompson School suggested as possible venue
  • Alison checking on the possibility to meet there May 2 Erin will contact Sarah Jacobson
  • Erin will call Dick and Ursula before meeting
  • Decision to have an event a month
  • 4:30to 5:30 meetings call them something other than board meetings to encourage more participation
  • May call them planning but will wait for input from rest of board

Other Events

  • March 27 Amy spoke at Women’s Spirituality meeting in Rye
  • Donating stipend to Seacoast SlowFood

May 2 Open House

  • 1 to 4 at Carpenter Garden Center Old English Green House
  • Amy doing a table
  • They are going to start selling local produce and re interested in what we are doing
  • Possible future venue
  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Channel 5 and 9 at 9PM
  • Interview on our blog

May 8 Sustainability Fair in Portsmouth

  • Will have table

May 15 May Fair at Tidewater School

  • Pat Ridder Nature’s Wonders
  • Strawbery Banke providing seeds

Portsmouth Farmer’s Market

  • Have been asked what kind of involvement we want to have
  • New market manager
  • Discussed value of having a table and presence
  • Found very productive when having an event to highlight
  • Have bags to sell all in Amy’s car

Seacoast Local Festival

  • No date posted yet on web

Meeting adjourned 7:00 pm  Minutes submitted by Laura Spelke