Attend GMO hearings today, Thursday, Feb. 11

On Monday, we posted about Your chance to speak out against GMOs in NH. Today, we’re forwarding an action alert from Northeast Organic Farming Association, NH Chapter (NOFA-NH), requesting your presence or written testimony at tomorrow’s hearings. (Note: A link to in the original newsletter from NOFA-NH did not work, so it was deleted; we will post an update ASAP if we get a working link!)

GMO Action Alert

We need your support at the public hearings

Thursday, February 11

in the Legislative Office Building (LOB)
33 North State St., Concord NH
Room 308

11 am for the GMO liability bill
1 pm for the GMO seed labeling bill

Monsanto is coming with their expensive propaganda and expensive lobbyists.  There is nothing locally grown or heirloom about biotech – show the legislature that traditional and organic agriculture and gardening is our choice.

Or, email NOFA for two handouts that can help you compose testimony – the more people that speak the better.  Or just come with friends and colleagues and sign in to support the bill, and stay to hear both sides.

We believe consumer-farmers and consumer-gardeners have a legal right-to- know if their seeds contain GMOs.  And we want to protect traditional, organic and small farmers from cross-contamination that occurs with GMO crops.

Please forward this alert to all your networks and get promises to attend the hearings.
And to make it even better, please email Elizabeth at NOFA-NH with your RSVP that you or others will be offering testimony.

More people than ever are growing food for their own families, or for sale.  Organic agriculture continues to grow.

Did you know that there are at least six transgenic varieties of yellow summer squash, crookneck and zucchini that are available to consumers, and are not labeled?

Did you know that a farmer can buy transgenic seed without knowing it? It has happened!

Biotech is only getting bolder with their plans to own all seed in the world.  And to pollute our soils with pesticides and herbicides while creating super weeds and super pests.

No state has yet been able to get seeds labeled for GMOs.  Aren’t we still first in the nation?  Let’s be the leader!

Recommended websites for info and for studies to support your statements: is an excellent (32 pg) summary of all that has been happening with transgenic crops. is the website of the author of Seeds of Deception and other books on GMOs, Jeffrey Smith.

You can also write Op Ed pieces about this issue.

How to testify: You will sign in at the hearing and wait till you are called. You will have only 3 minutes, maybe much less depending on the number of people who are signed up to testify.  Written and oral testimony do not have to be diatribes. Keep it simple, polite and to the point.  Thank the committee when you are done. Short statements about complex points are more memorable than long dissertations.

Please try to arrive by 10:45 am for the GMO liability bill (HB 1388) and 12:45 pm for the GMO seed labeling bill (HB 1172).  And plan to spend some time.

Thank you!

NOFA-NH recognizes that farmers, gardeners, and consumers of organic products share a “community of interests:” a common need to grow and consume safe, healthy, nutritious, great-tasting food; and a common interest in preserving a healthy environment that nurtures all of us. In an age of industrial agriculture, we’re working to re-establish a shared sense of pride and participation in a community-based food system that links local farmers with local consumers, and rewards them both equally.

Contact: Elizabeth Obelenus, Program Coordinator
(603) 224-5022