Cooking with Fire – Paula Marcoux

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Hearth Cooking, a real Slow Food treat!

Slow Food Seacoast is thrilled to bring back Paula Marcoux for another fantastic workshop on May 4th! Paula has just release a new cookbook entitled Cooking with Fire. She will be leading a hands-on workshop at 3:30, followed by an open-to-all  potluck with the theme of – you guessed it – cooking with fire.  Click here for full details.

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About the Cookbook

Grilling is a national pastime, but live-fire cooking goes beyond the Weber. Wood-fired ovens, firepits, and even fireplaces make it easy to infuse everything from meat to bread and vegetables with full flavors using these low-tech tools. Cooking with Fire explores these live-fire cooking methods and more and invites rediscovery of a wide range of historical traditions and cultures. Read More about Paula and her cookbook