Is It Time for a Green Tea Party? by Woody Tasch

slow-money-coverThe new direction in which we must head can be called many things: relocalization, rebalancing, rebuilding, revitalizing, restoration and preservation, redevelopment, job creation, retooling, decentralization. … I would suggest as one of the cornerstones of this rebuilding process the following goal: a million investors investing 1% of their assets in local food systems. —Woody Tasch

The chairman and president (and author) of Slow Money has lots to say. But it all comes down to putting your money where you mouth is—literally—and making investments in food. Real food, local food, and the systems that support it.

History shows us that revolution doesn’t start with government and trickle down; it starts at home, on the streets, and at farmers’ markets. Read what Tasch has to say in Is It Time for a Green Tea Party? in theMarch 25, 2010, Huffington Post.

Who is up for a cuppa at the Rollinsford farmers’ market on Saturday?