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NH Shrimp How-To Video

What’s the easiest, quickest way to learn how to peel and clean your fresh NH shrimp? Watch this great, 4-minute video by Padi Anderson of the F/V Rimrack. Nothing to it – pretty soon you’ll “pull, pinch, and flip” your way to your next shrimp dinner. Or buy plenty of extra shrimp, clean as shown, and freeze for later – they defrost in a flash!

a video on the Farm Bill

Cooking Up a Story has a 6-min video interview with Dan Imhoff (who wrote Food Fight, a book Slow Food USA is promoting around this issue) outlining the important connections between the modern Farm Bill and our food system at large.

The more we understand the Farm Bill, the better we’ll be able to write to our senators and congressmen and let them know what we think. More info from Slow Food USA.

Fish Tale

Sara Zoe sends word of an interesting web movie: “This short non-narrative video tracks the day in a life of a fish as it travels from sea to stomach. Starting at the Portland Fish Exchange, fish are unloaded from the fisherman’s boat and then sold at auction to the highest bidding “Fish Pimp”. They are then transported from the Exchange to processing plants, restaurants, and retail markets all over the world. A salmon is filleted and sold at a local fish market. At the end of the day, the salmon is cooked on a grill and made into a nice meal”