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Cultures across the world have long been fascinated with the idea that food can not only help us express love, but might even be able to act on our systems to get us in the mood for romance. Science lends only some very small support to the idea, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the rich, flavorful, and luxurious foods considered to be aphrodisiacs. Tonight’s Slow Food meeting features a “Foods of Love” potluck, in honor of the month of St. Valentine. For some of the most commonly identified aphrodisiac foods, consult Amy Reiley’s website Eat Something Sexy. You can sign up for an Aphrodisiac of the Month e-mail from Ms. Reiley! Thanks to Jim for letting us know of this fun resource.

A Slow Six Months

Our first six months, truth be told, were anything but a slow start. The first few events were planned even before our application to Slow Food USA was complete! Between May and December, 2006, the Seacoast convivium offered: