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Come to the Harvest Supper!

Slow Food Seacoast Brings in the Harvest On September 15, 2007, Slow Food Seacoast invites the public to a Harvest Supper featuring the best of the season from local farms, bakers, cheesemakers and more. Celebrate the natural abundance of a New England autumn with a chef-prepared meal, guided tastings, and an old-fashioned contra dance for all ages. Held in conjunction

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Eats and Elitism

Slow Food Seacoast member Jeff writes in: “I was just reading an interview with Dan Barber of Blue Hill restaurant in NY in Salon and he had a great response to the charge of elitism in the slow food movement.” Read on, and check out the full article, titled Oil and Food Don’t Mix. “Some critics of the so-called slow-food

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The Food Project

As we ponder opportunities for school and youth partnerships, it’s great to know there are some really successful models here and elsewhere. Some people in our convivium have worked with students from New Heights on community gardening and plant-nursery projects in Porsmouth, and the folks at Slow Food Boston are calling attention to the Food Project, a whole suite of

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Food and Faith Part I

A colleague mentioned to me that the Jewish Forward had recently run some articles about how to observe Kosher dietary laws while still eating locally, sustainably, fair trade-ly, and/or organically. Lots of considerations! Her comments led me to the interesting food blog The Jew and the Carrot. From the site description: The Jew and the Carrot features the intersection between

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Pyramid Power

Remember when the Food Pyramid was easy? Heck, I remember when it wasn’t even a pyramid, just a square, as in “Square Meal:” dairy, meats, grains, produce. In the past twenty years, we’ve been through lots of pyramids and graphs as agribusiness, medicine, and government agencies have wrangled over what we ought to be eating. It used to be we

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