The Numbers

Ever talk with someone about eating locally and watch their face grow pale at the thought of sourcing their entire diet from their bioregion? It can be an intimidating prospect. But in the most recent issue of The Snail, which arrived this week, Tracey Ryder of Edible Communities quotes poet, peach grower, and Terra Madre delegate David Mas Masumoto as

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Ice Cream Picks for Seacoast’s Best Licks?

This time of year, an evening stroll to the local dip shop for a scoop or a cone of ice cream is a seasonal treat not to be missed. One local favorite is Annabelle’s, on Ceres Street in Portsmouth (warning: link moos). They’re open late, and they make their own ice cream in great flavors like Maine Berry (or Red,

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Farm Bill Update

On July 17,the House Agriculture Committee will meet to debate two Farm Bill drafts. If they make it out of committee on time, the week of July 26 is reserved for floor debate in the House on Farm Bill content. The Senate schedule has not yet been released. Now is the right time to make our voices heard. This legislation

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