a video on the Farm Bill

Cooking Up a Story has a 6-min video interview with Dan Imhoff (who wrote Food Fight, a book Slow Food USA is promoting around this issue) outlining the important connections between the modern Farm Bill and our food system at large. The more we understand the Farm Bill, the better we’ll be able to write to our senators and congressmen

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Renegade Lunch Lady!

Concerned about food in the schools and how kids learn to eat? Check out Chef Ann Cooper’s website Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children. This doesn’t look like the school lunch menu I remember, but if Cooper is successful, more school dining programs will feature delicious, healthy lunches and snacks made from whole foods. A former fine-dining

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Easter, Extended

Our friends at Flag Hill Winery are presenting a delectable spring menu of Greek-inspired Easter dishes as part of their New England Regional Cuisine series! Chef Ted McCormack, a SFSeacoast member, says “After 40 days of fasting we’ll feed your hunger with a wine tasting, tour and a traditional Greek menu.” Diners make reservations in advance and choose their favorite

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